Meet our May featured LCWN member, Kathleen Summers.


Kathy grew up in Pittsburgh and moved to Texas in 1981 to attend Chiropractic College. In 1987, Kathy moved to Andrews, TX with her husband, Bill, who was born and raised in Odessa.


Kathy's career path exposed her to a variety of industries and helped her hone numerous skills. For 14 years, Kathy worked in various phases of dentistry. She has experience as a bookkeeper, switchboard operator, research assistance, a licensed massage therapist, and sold Mary Kay. However, Kathy developed a passion for the chiropractic field after being rear ended in 1978 by a drunk driver. Kathy explained, "I suffered from a herniated lower back disk and back injuries and was in severe pain for a year. I was treated by a chiropractor who helped me, so I decided to become one to help others." She currently practices in three clinics in New Mexico and Texas alongside her husband, Bill, and serves as the Vice President of the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners.


In her free time, Kathy enjoys spinning indoors and cycling outdoors. She loves to garden and do crafts, plus both Kathy and Bill enjoy cooking. Kathy also treasures spending time with her family, including her mother-in-law and son, Chris, who is a senior at Texas Tech looking to enter federal law enforcement and is a great source of pride.


Kathy has been a member of LCWN for five years and is also very active in the Lions Club. Additionally, she serves as a high school swim referee for West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico, including Hobbs, Carlsbad, and Artesia high schools.


In spite of life's challenges, Kathy has maintained an optimistic attitude and set a positive example for all of us. This past January, the Summers were struck by a horrific tragedy when they lost their only daughter, Tiffany, in a car accident at Texas Tech where she was a sophomore. Rather than focus on the loss, the Summers chose to focus on the love and joy that their beloved Tiffany brought them for 20 years. We respect and admire Kathy's fortitude and wish her peace and continued strength.


Please be sure to say "hello" to Kathy at the next monthly luncheon.