June's monthly luncheon featured a special guest speaker, Jan Lobeck, who gave a chilling presentation speaking on how domestic violence turned her life upside down.


Jan penned the book, "Not in Vain", after her daughter was killed by a man who, when judicially tried for murder, plea-bargained and received 10 months in jail. When released from jail, the man threatened Jan's life and nearly succeeded in obtaining custody of Jan's grandson, forcing her to leave Lea County for two and a half years.

Jan provided an excellent overview of the cycle of domestic violence, the grooming process, signs of potential violence in relationships, and ways abusers keep the other person in the relationship. In light of her devastating circumstances, Jan has gone on to become an advocate for victims of domestic violence, and has spoken on this topic in numerous states.

Jan's goals are to see changes made in the laws to protect victims and address protection for the children involved in homes where domestic violence exists.  She started a non-profit organization is support of the cause and commissioned the creation of a purple bracelet to represent domestic violence: the "Remember Me" bracelet. The bracelet was for sale at the luncheon and is available through her website. "Not In Vain" can also be purchased through Jan's website or http://www.notinvainbook.com/