Beckey Waldrop and her daughter, Baleigh, were the guest speakers at the July luncheon, giving an emotion presentation as they shared their horrifying experience with the Gardasil vaccine.

When Baleigh's doctor recommended the new vaccine, Beckey thought she was doing the right thing by having her daughter vaccinated. Unfortunately, Baleigh had a violent reaction.  Just a few short months ago, the 15-year-old was convinced she was going to die.


Her mom, Beckey, began read a heart-wrenching letter Baleigh had written during the worst of times. Beckey spoke of the terrifying journey through Baleigh's illness, which began last July after she began the three-step vaccination process with the HPV and cervical cancer drug.

Baleigh received her first shot in May and the third one in November. Although she had varying symptoms throughout the period, it was not until after the third shot that she realized she might be ill because of a reaction to the drug. When Beckey began researching the possibility, she quickly learned that hundreds of other young girls had similar reactions and many had died.


Beckey found a doctor in California that had successfully treated a girl in Nebraska. He practiced functional medicine and began treating Baleigh's individual symptoms including having her sleep in a hyperbaric chamber. He also put her on a special diet and received oxygen during the day along with IVs during the day.


By the end of February, the emotional, medical, and financial pressures took a toll on the entire family. Baleigh and the Waldrops, ready to try just about anything, were spiritually guided to see the famed pastor, Thurman Scrivner, in Brennan, TX who was scheduled to have an upcoming healing service. Rather miraculously, Baleigh was healed, but the painful and horrifying trauma will always be close at heart. Frighteningly, there are 13,000 girls still suffering from the affects of the cervical cancer vaccine in the United States, yet the drug is continually sold and promoted.