The Email Message Center is a convenient way to communicate with LCWN members. You don't have to know email addresses, just select the member(s) from the member list.


Click here to view a Flash Demo. (Note: this demo is for ALL users of Clubrunner and will have more groups than LCWN. However it is very helpful.)

To use the Email Message Center,

  1. Login using the Login tab at the top of the LCWN web site.
  2. In the My ClubRunner Section, select the [New Version] link next to Email Message Center.
  3. You will see a list of all email message you have sent. To compose a new message, click the "Compose New Message" in the upper right corner of the page, just above the list of emails.
  4. The Club Email Service window will open.
  5. Step 1, select the recipients. To send a message to all active members, select the box next to "Active and Honorary Members." To select individual members, click on the Active & Honorary Members link to expand the list. Then select the member(s).
  6. Step 2, enter the subject and body of your email. Using the Rich Text Editor will give you access to the formatting tools.
  7. Step 3, add attachments by first clicking the Here link then browse to find the file(s).
  8. Step 4, Choose your email options then Send!
  9. When the email has been sent, close the small window and click the Return link at the bottom of the page until you get back to the first email message window. Then click the close link.

That's all there is to it!

Questions or Problems? Call or email me. My phone number is 575-318-9439 and my email is

Happy Emailing!!!!

Charlotte Smith
LCWN Electronic Communications