We have made it to June ladies! I am a little stumped as to where the last 5 months have gone! Just wanted to take a minute and inform you of some changes that are taking place for the summer months!
Our monthly luncheons are being postponed until September.
Bunco is also postponed until September!!
            -We will be having this fundraising event every month on the second Thursday. This is for anyone 21 and over, not just women! We meet at 530 to eat and the game begins at 630. Tickets are sold in advance and are non-refundable as we need to make sure we have enough players to play. 
Bunco is a very simple dice game with similarities to Yatzhee. We need 12 people or more to be able to play. It is explained in a matter of minutes and is picked up very easily. This is an event we host to help raise funds to support our large Irish Hoopla Fundriaser. Besides the fundraising aspect, we just like to have a night out where we don't have to think a whole lot. ;) 
With all that said, we hope that you will join us for Bunco and/or our evening meetings! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, we love to answer questions! ;)