Back to school means back to work for the busy student mentoring committee.

The Student Mentor program is designed to give high school junior and senior girls opportunities to learn from the experience of women within their chosen career field.  It also helps to develop networking skills necessary for success in pursuing a career.  The program helps provide young women with information needed in making rational career choices.  Our mentors provide knowledge about classes to take now, schools to attend, scholarships available in certain fields, contacts to make and many other things to help the girls better understand what it takes.  We will have guests from many professions at our programs enabling the girls to learn things about many careers that they may not have even been aware of.  The purpose of the Mentor program is to provide variety and information and resources to the girls in the program.


Our Student Mentor program for this school year has begun.  We have received applications from 18 junior and senior high school girls.  The committee is in the process of working up the program for the year and contacting women to participate in our programs.  We have a great variety of career interests to accommodate this year.


The first program will be Monday, October 12.  We will have an orientation for the girls in the program and their parents.  Our speaker for that evening will be Senator Gay Kernan.  She will represent the career choices of teacher and politician.  The remainder of the programs will be the second Monday of November, January, February and March.  Each program will be at 7:00 pm at Trinity Lutheran Church and will last approximately one hour.  We welcome any of the LCWN members to attend.


The Mentor Committee consists of Louise Hudson, Susan Brandon, Belinda Morris, Cortney Whitley, Mikal Fonseca and Marisol Cardenas.