We hope that you had a wonderful summer full of memories! We are back at it this month starting with Bunco on the 12th. Dinner will be at 530 and the game starts at 630. If you do not join us for dinner, please come before 630 so we can start on time. We will be back at Pacific Rim, just in time to see their new updates! 
Please remember this event if a fundraiser for us and because we have to have at least 12 players, pre-registration and payment is due prior to the event. You can contact Ashley at 631-0365 or Patti at 706-0712. Payment is $10 and can be made by cash or check. Credit card is also accepted at $11. 
     On September 19th we will meet at 6pm for our monthly meeting. This will be a dinner and speaker event, taking place at Pacific Rim. Speaker is still in the works, but we will post on our Facebook page as soon as we know the details. We are so excited to see everyone again! We no longer require registration or payment for this event; however, if you are planning on coming, please send a short message in email, to a member, or on Facebook to let us know. This is just an easy way for us to get a head count! 
     We have revamped our Awards Banquet nomination process. We will be accepting nominations up until the 26th. If you are sending these by mail, they MUST be postmarked for the 26th or they will not be accepted. The committee will meet on the 4th to decide on nominees. On October 13th, we will announce those nominees and ask for additional information on these wonderful people. The deadline for additional information will be on the 25th. We will then decide on a winner to be announced at our banquet on November 14th. Tickets will go on sale towards the first of October. We are trying to simplify the process of nominations because some felt the form was too much. This will also help in ticket sales for families of the nominees. Nomination form can be found on our website and it will be attached also!
    This was a lot of information in one email, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! We hope to see you soon!!