Sharon Shaw shared creative scrapbooking ideas at the March Monthly Luncheon.


Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve memories and is a great creative outlet. March's guest speaker Sharon Shaw, who spoke on scrapbooking, explained how she got started doing scrapbooking, even though she thought she "did not have a creative bone in her body." In addition to pictures and narratives, other items such as memorabilia can be included that will enhance the photos and the page designs. Anything else can be added to a page if it is possible to fasten it sufficiently.


A local scrap book group meets the second Saturday of each month from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Lea County Center for the Arts. Cost to participate is only $5 and everyone shares ideas and materials. Sharon also mentioned that Taylor Memorial Baptist Church has a weekend scrapbook group that meets on a Friday evening and all day Saturday on the first full weekend of each month.