Ivonne Chaparro

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ImageI believe that having an education is very important. Due to the fact that I am the oldest in the family drives me to finish college. Not only to prove to myself that I was able to do it but to set a good example for my brothers. I'm very motivated and determined to complete as many courses as it may take to reach my goal; in my case, it would be to become a radiologist. After doing long research I found that I fit the part of being a radiologist, or going into that field at least, because there are many branches that link to radiology. I feel as though it can give me more job options. In the meanwhile I must take classes here before I can transfer to Clovis community college_

I will be taking biology, anatomy, interpersonal communications, psychology, and many more. After I transfer,  be able to take classes that I couldn't take here, due to the fact that not all classes transfer. In the long rum I believe that it may take me about 4-6 years to fully complete my major, depending on what I choose to focus on. After I finish and I officially become a radiologist I want to move back to Hobbs.

As for my future plans I would really like to be able to travel the world. If I'm able to raise enough money with my career I know it can be done! I want to have the ability, to interact with other cultures and learn from them as well. I've looked into it and it can be pricey, but it can be done; because I like everything that has to do with radiology I feel as though the time it will take to raise the money won't be of waste.

To sum it all up, I basically want to make a difference in my life. I want to assure a bright future, because that's what I'm after. With a little hard work and dedication I really do believe I can do it, especially when. I know I have people supporting me.